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Who We Are

healthcare rm cares passionately about health; we make a positive difference to people by enabling them to take control of their health and improve their wellbeing

healthcare rm was set up in 2000 with a unique proposition and insight – delivering business healthcare solutions integrating health at a personal and organisational level

We view each person as a whole; the underlying causes of any health conditions as well as any immediate issues. We consider all other health factors such as diet, levels of exercise, age, height and weight as well as and social and psychological factors. We establish the most effective clinical or non-clinical interventions that resolve health issues in the long term rather than promote a particular treatment pathway

Every person and organisation is unique and our bespoke services are built to deliver excellence to the needs of each and every customer

We are able to manage all employee health benefits or manage other suppliers as a “one-stop-shop” as we strive to make the customer journey as efficient and effortless as possible

healthcare rm has introduced a new wellbeing approach to musculoskeletal and mental health conditions; the main causes of long term sickness absence. We use our insight and integrated data to develop effective and successful health strategies

Our approach delivers real results for our customers, reducing costs and sickness absence, simplifying management procedures, measuring outcomes and creating robust, effective health and wellbeing strategies delivering long term health benefits

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