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Integrated Health

The greatest asset to an organisation is its people

From SMEs to major corporates, from front line service delivery to the board of directors, organisations of all sizes are comprised of individuals; therefore we believe that each person and organisation is unique.

Recognising this we integrate health at both a personal and organisational level through a unique combination of services, expertise, insight, abilities, software, values, aims and methodology which reduce cost, improve health and deliver efficiencies in the long and short term. Our services can form up an entire Integrated Business Health Solution or can be accessed individually as part of your current provision or on an ad hoc, as needed basis.

Working for your employees

  • We use a wide range of multidisciplinary expertise to address the underlying causes, as well as the immediate issues, of any health episode
  • We work with individuals so they can support themselves in their recovery from physical or mental health issues, and return to the workplace
  • We can identify the most effective clinical or non-clinical interventions to ensure individuals receive the correct treatment, whether NHS or private
  • We address a range of personal risk factors, including excess weight, inactivity, issues associated with ageing, nutrition, emotions
  • Using all of the above, we can help individuals live younger for longer

We integrate health at the organisational level to simplify management processes, measure results and deliver real outcomes

Working for your organisation

  • We proactively identify business health risks, ensuring statutory compliance and advising on best health practice
  • We provide bespoke integrated healthcare systems for businesses / organisations, based on the risks identified and specific industry health drivers and legislation
  • We streamline your HR procedures relating to safety, health and wellbeing, through a more “joined up” approach to all aspects of health risk and ill health management in the workplace
  • We manage third-party providers to ensure consistency across your health supply chain
  • We collate quantitative and qualitative data to help you understand what is happening and why – and how to address any issues
  • We use our collated data to inform and support the development of effective strategic health and wellbeing initiatives
  • We combine data at both personal and organisational level to deliver a positive end result for  businesses and staff
  • We reduce the cost of ill health while improving the health and wellbeing of your employees

Our processes and recommendations are designed to benefit the organisation and their employees

The Benefits of an Integrated Approach

For your employees:

  • Increased understanding about the factors affecting physical and psychological health
  • Ability to address current symptoms and to reduce the risk of future occurrences of ill health
  • Reduced reliance on clinical interventions and medication
  • Feeling of being in control of their health
  • Improved health and wellbeing

For your organisation:

  • True understanding of your real risks
  • Ability to target solutions on your organisation’s specific issues and to measure results
  • Reduced sickness absence and associated costs
  • Reduction in the cost of treatment via healthcare plans and EAP services
  • Reduced claims costs, e.g. Group Income Protection and employer’s liability
  • Happier and more productive workforce
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