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Integrated Health

The greatest asset to an organisation is its people

From SMEs to major corporates, from front line service delivery to the board of directors, organisations of all sizes are comprised of individuals; therefore we believe that each person and organisation is unique.

Recognising this we integrate health at both a personal and organisational level through a unique combination of services, expertise, insight, abilities, software, values, aims and methodology which reduce cost, improve health and deliver efficiencies in the long and short term. Our services can form up an entire Integrated Business Health Solution or can be accessed individually as part of your current provision or on an ad hoc, as needed basis.

We integrate health at the personal level by:

  • Addressing the underlying causes as well as the immediate issues of any ill health episode with input from a wide range of Multidisciplinary expertise
  • Assessing people as a whole and as individuals considering personal risk factors such as height, weight, age, fitness and diet and their wider wellbeing including social and psychological health
  • Enabling people to self-manage their health to provide long term resolution to health issues
  • Utilising the most effective clinical or non-clinical interventions rather than a preferred clinical pathway that does not resolve issues in the long term
  • Helping understand where people can access treatment which is right for them rather than promote specific private or NHS treatment
  • Identifying and addressing the health risks of an individual regardless of the customer touchpoint e.g. nutritional and exercise guidance resulting from risks identified during a statutory on-site assessment

We integrate health at the organisational level to simplify management processes, measure results and deliver real outcomes

And at an organisational level by:

  • Service delivery remotely and onsite by a multidisciplinary team of specialists with clinical and non-clinical expertise in occupational and personal health such as musculoskeletal conditions, mental health and psychological therapies, nutrition, activity and exercise, health, safety and employment legislation, healthcare plans and employee benefits and industry specific occupational health risk
  • Delivery of bespoke solutions to each customer based on specific industry health drivers and legislation
  • Providing a “One Stop Shop” managing all third party providers with one contact, managing all health provision including case management, healthcare plan administration, statutory health assessments and health and wellbeing or adept at working alongside your current health providers
  • Integrating with your current online HR systems to enable immediate Sickness Absence Management
  • Streamlining procedures e.g. via case management referrals made through online portal
  • Consultancy services identifying business health risks, ensuring statutory compliance and advising on best health practice
  • The collection of detailed Management Information from each customer touchpoint giving a comprehensive view of your business health drivers
  • Utilising this data from each case to inform and support the development of effective strategic health and wellbeing initiatives

Our processes and recommendations are designed to benefit the organisation and their employees

By integrating health at a personal and organisational level we deliver real outcomes

  • Short and long term resolution to employee ill health through the most effective clinical and non-clinical interventions
  • Improving outcomes to personal health risks and ill health episodes
  • Decreased sickness absence and related costs
  • Decrease in healthcare plan costs
  • Simplification of management procedures
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health strategies and initiatives
  • Outcomes beneficial to employee and employer
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