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Tips to Get Through the Festive Period (relatively) Unscathed

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The festive season is fraught with temptation and the potential for going overboard is ever-present – so here are some tips to ensure you don’t let things get out of hand, but still enjoy everything Christmas has to offer. .

Christmas and a degree of over-indulgence often go hand in hand, but most people don’t consider the knock-on effect this can have on their health and wellbeing.

We are so accustomed to the generous nature of the season, coupled with time off work and the urge to catch up with friends and family, that it is almost impossible not to fall into a spiral of unhealthy living.

However, a little self discipline will go along way, not only enhancing your enjoyment of Christmas, but also setting you up for a perfect start to 2020.

Keeping on top of your physical activity is crucial, with plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and burn off those inevitable calories.

One crucial bit of advice I would give is to really focus on your eating over this period and aim to stop when you are satisfied, rather than when you are feeling stuffed.

We can often indulge, not because we really want to, but because we’re on autopilot.  It’s easy to mindlessly eat and drink at gatherings, so stopping and taking stock of what you are putting in your mouth goes a long way.

Sleeping well is also key to getting maximum enjoyment out of Christmas – our sleep patterns are usually disturbed as we try and cram as many activities as possible.

There is a strong association  between quality of sleep and our wellbeing, and it’s worth bearing in mind that a lack of sleep can also suppress our immune system.

h Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to take time for yourself and things you enjoy. And if you do over-indulgence once or twice, don’t  don’t beat yourself up about it.

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