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Our business services

We integrate health at the organisational level across safety, health and wellbeing and at the personal level considering physical, psychological, social, occupational and lifestyle related risk factors.

Our services are tailored to each client and each individual, delivering excellence and addressing your specific needs. Together, these services deliver a complete Integrated Health solution, but can be used on an individual basis alongside your current providers or on a Pay as you Go basis.

If you have any specific requirements or further questions, we can send you more information or arrange to give you a call back.

Health and Safety

  • On-employment Questionnaires
    an evidence-based approach that helps identify a broader range of health issues with the objective of reducing future illness and injury and ensuring legal compliance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Health Surveillance 
    Risk assessments in relation to role to satisfy statutory requirements including audiometry, spirometry, vision, skin, HAVs, night worker assessment, working at heights and blood analysis. Can lead into the case management process or targeted exercise programmes
  • Health and Risk Assessments 
    a series of assessments to help people understand how their lifestyle choices impact upon their physical and emotional health and reduce costs to employers through improved productivity and reduced absence
  • Vehicle Assessments 
    With an integrated health approach promotes healthy behaviours that remove the need to replace vehicles.
  • Display Screen Equipment Assessments
    onsite or remote assessment with equipment and self-management strategy recommendations made to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms following identification of risk from internal DSE procedures.

We provide health solutions that achieve real benefits

Health and Wellbeing

  • Functional Health
    identifying and managing personal risk factors contributing to ill health such as muscle imbalances, weight issues, nutrition and psychosocial factors and can form part of the Case Management or statutory assessment process. Provision of interventions that improve health behaviours, psychological wellbeing and physical function through coaching, education and management
  • Nutrition and Musculoskeletal assessments 
    reactive assessments held remotely or onsite as a result of case management or direct line management referral. Specialists deliver support on a 1-2-1 basis addressing immediate condition or and underlying causation
  • Functional Rehabilitation
    multidisciplinary, evidence-based programmes designed to assist you to manage chronic pain problems and regain function, following an episode of musculoskeletal pain
  • Physiotherapy 
    guidance on healthy behaviours, maintaining movement and activity
  • Activity and exercise programmes
    bespoke programmes built for each individual based on home, work and personal factors following identification of risk factors such as high Body Mass Index or inactivity. Follows risks identified during Health Surveillance or Case
  • Health education, branding and communications
    on site support, education, delivery of workshops, design and production of health and wellbeing materials, tailored to the requirements of clients and specific locations

Reducing cost by establishing the most effective clinical and non-clinical interventions rather than the provision of clinical solutions that will not resolve the issue in the longer term

Health and Case Management

  • Sickness Absence Management
    Proactive process, integration with company HR systems and the establishment of sickness absence triggers. This can lead into the Case Management process 
  • Management Advice Line (MAL)
    telephone support for line managers on all health related matters to help managers understand if the most appropriate action is being taken. Situation can be concluded via the call or can result in referral to Case Management
  • Healthcare Plan Administration
    Management of third party suppliers allowing one stop shop business health solution. Necessity and effectiveness of treatment pathway assessed with triage and self-management recommendations reducing cost 
  • Return to Work
    appropriate plans developed for each individual usually lasting between 4 and 6 weeks
  • Medico-Legal advice
    including mediation and employment tribunals, may be part of the Case Management process
  • Case Management
    Available on Pay As You Go or on contract based on volume of cases.  Following telephone triage, end to end case management works to resolve or reduce an employee’s Health Risk, based on appropriate recommendations made by Case Managers and Practitioners.  All cases involve an Initial Assessment (IA), cases are then progressed based on complexity. Many cases can be resolved at an Initial Assessment. Further cases complexities are Standard, Complex and Complex Plus. Routes into case management from many different sources including or statutory Health and Safety assessments, Sickness Absence Management and Healthcare Plan Administration. Referrals received from Line Managers, HR, ER, Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Income Protection Providers or Insurance Provision via online portal with login or email
  • Careline (an alternative to an Employee Assistance Programme)
    psychological support and therapies including counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming utilising holistic approach considering general health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Our data has provided us with a unique insight not available from any other provider


Benefit from healthcare rm’s extensive experience in all areas related to workplace health. Support identifying the health drivers for your business and health risk faced by your employees. Remain compliant with Health and Safety legislation and ever developing statutory health requirements of your industry.

Advice on best practice and achievable efficiencies with current provider management. With our partners Gateley’s solicitors, advice on complex medico legal matters or with mediation and employment tribunals, which may result as part of case management process.

your business health

Our approach reduces sickness absence and associated costs, delivers long term health benefits to the individual and simplifies the management processes

integrated health

We integrate health at a personal and organisational level through a unique combination of services and expertise to reduce cost, improve health and deliver efficiencies

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Arrange a call-back or request further information on our services and what we can do to identify, prevent, reduce, manage and mitigate your company health risks

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