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Healthcare Claims Management and Case Management Services

Protect the health and wellbeing of your staff while minimising costs by taking advantage of our specialist healthcare claims management and case management services.

As an employer, your responsibilities towards the health and wellbeing of your staff are both critical and complex. Healthcare RM provides a combination of clinical assessment and, where appropriate, medical treatment, to ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with legal requirements and that costs resulting from claims and lost work are kept to a minimum.

Every day we support line managers, HR managers and health and safety managers in dealing with the day to day implications of ill health in the workplace. We are also able to help employees and their families directly to ensure they receive expert advice on the range of options available to them. Whether NHS or private, we offer practical, informed support to demystify medical terminology and enable your staff to obtain a speedy and accurate diagnosis before guiding them through their treatment.

We also offer assessment and consultation on employees' ability to work, as well as advice on timescales and health and safety considerations when an employee returns to work after a prolonged period of absence.

Healthcare claims management and case management services

We offer a comprehensive range of integrated health management services in the following areas:

If you'd like to discuss any of our healthcare claims management or case management services, contact us today.

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